Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – Public Access

So many of you have been patiently waiting your turn to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and it’s finally your time to shine! I’ve rounded up a ton of my favorites that are still in stock (keep in mind that things sell out fast!) so I hope this post will help you to find what you’ve been eyeing and grab it before it’s gone.



I will still be scouring the Nordstrom site for restocks of favorite items so keep checking my insta stories for updates!

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – Gifts

Hi! Me again, talking about the Nordstrom Sale. But this time instead of clothing and home goodies, I have rounded up some fun ideas for the planner in all of us. I made this list with birthdays, showers, and Christmas in mind. I know it may sound crazy to already be talking Christmas, but this is me we’re talking about, so I know you aren’t that surprised.

I love the rifle paper company recipe box! It’s one of my go-to gifts for showers and birthdays. It’s just so pretty and functional. I also love some of the fun personalized items the sale is offering. Like the cute luggage tags and how fun is that monogrammed cooler? The blankets are SUPER soft and cozy so don’t miss out on those.

Maybe my favorite gift idea is the State chalk board tray. I love hosting parties so a chalk board tray is a must, and the state addition is just a cool touch.

Happy shopping, sweet friends!

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – Home

Y’all. I cannot BELIEVE that I have been missing out on all this goodness from the Home section of the Nordstrom Sale. Good grief, distract me with light pink cardigans and I’m worthless!

I’m correcting all my past mistakes and bringing y’all the sweetest selections from the sale. Please pay special attention to the AMAZING candles. The beaded jar candles are the best I’ve ever smelled. I have one lit in my house at all times. I’m also currently trying to decide which rug and comforter to choose for our master bedroom. So. Much. Goodness!

Enjoy, y’all!

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Nordstrom Sale Workout Gear

Shwew! Yesterday was crazy town, y’all! What a fun day though. This sale definitely did not disappoint.

One of the things I noticed when I was in the store was that they were having amazing deals on athletic styles as well. They were being pretty neglected due to the attention given to the everyday clothes but here’s a look at what’s out there so we don’t miss it!


I’ll be headed back to Nordstrom a little later today so stay tuned for another try on session where I’ll try to focus mostly on athletic styles! Have a great Friday!

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Beach Trips With Babies


We just got back from the beach a few weeks ago and I’m already SO very ready to go back. The beach has always been my happy place but after we had kids, we had to totally re-evaluate how we did beach days. I’m the type of beach bum that literally wants a sun up to sun down kind of experience, but as you can imagine, that becomes a little more challenging once kiddos are involved.



Through a lot of trial and error, we have finally gotten this whole beach with kids thing down to a science. I’m here to share some of the things that have made our lives a million times easier in hopes that your next trip will be even better than the last!



First things first, when we get up in the morning we pack up our cooler with four snacks and a drink for each kid. We normally do crackers, cookies, a pack of gummies, squeazie apple sauce, and a drink (water bottle). We put a frozen ice pack in our cooler to keep everything fresh. Next we apply sunscreen IN the house before we go outside. I can’t stand putting on sunscreen on the beach with the sand getting mixed in. Yuck! We’ve found the best way to reapply when we’re on the beach is this Babyganics Spray. It blends easily and the ingredients are really clean.

We put on suits and these shoes and head out! Here are the little swimmies I’ve been loving for my girls this season!

My favorite way to roll is to wake up early and walk with Matt out to the beach (while my parents are at the house with the babies). We like to set up our umbrellas, chairs, and blankets so when we come down with the girls, we look a wee bit less like pack mules. We absolutely LOVE these chairs because they fold flat (easy to pack!) and you can wear them like a backpack. They also have extra insulated zipper packs in the back for more food and drinks.

If we don’t plan ahead and end up all going together, this wagon is SUPER helpful for carrying all the things. It also folds down flat!

To keep the babies entertained on the beach, we take lots of sand toys. I especially love this little Melissa ad Doug cooking set. The girls were really into “cooking” with sand so this set is perfection! Just be sure if you have more than one child, you have plenty of shovels! The only beach brawls we encountered were typically involving shovel sharing.

We normally try to save snacks for after we’ve been playing for a while so there’s a little something to look forward to. When snack time happens, having a sand-proof blanket situation is necessary. We like to pull the snack blanket under the shade to keep the kids out of sun for a bit.

Here are a few tent suggestions that work for providing much-needed shade throughout the day!

Normally the girls can entertain themselves for a good long while after they’ve had a little snack. This is also a good time to reapply sunscreen since they’re occupied for a few minutes.

I also wanted to share this AMAZING frisbee we got before we left. It’s more of a silicone feel so it doesn’t hurt when you catch it and it’s so easy to throw. The girls loved playing with it and so did all the adults!!


So if I could summarize the ingredients for a successful beach day it would look something like this:

Pack snacks

Bring Shade

Spray Sunscreen

Plan Gear

Provide Toys

Have FUN!

I hope this helps! If you have any fun tips to share from your experience with having kids at the beach, please share in comments!


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