Maternity Favorites


Ok, real talk. I had planned to write this post months ago but LIFE, y’all. Sometimes it gets crazy and the blog gets put on the back burner. Which is really ok but there’s always time to swing back around to ideas I want to share, and one idea I’ve really wanted to share with y’all is some of my favorite maternity styles. Now we have them all in one place for easy reference!

There are a few items that I’m going to start with that are total MVP’s and will take you all the way from the positive pregnancy test to the delivery room. These items deserve all our admiration, wouldn’t you say? Let’s just go ahead and start there!

Y’all have heard me rave about this dress over and over. Seriously, I’m like a broken record and I don’t even care because this dress has been so good to me. I ordered a size up from what I would normally wear when I was about 12 weeks and I’m still wearing it comfortably at 31 weeks. It comes in eight colors and is a bit of a splurge at $56 but worth every penny. Promise. The ruching is so very flattering and the cut looks good on a lot of different body types. Most importantly, it makes the bump look good.

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As far as other dresses go, most women can get away with wearing non-maternity dresses in the first trimester but when you really start to show, try sticking with a high waistline. Smocking is very on trend this season and that’s good news for the pregnant momma because it’s a very flattering look.

Ok, let’s talk shorts for a minute. I feel like this may be the place where most of us find our greatest challenge. I am not at all a fan of maternity shorts. I’ve never found a comfortable pair. So this time around, I have been on the hunt for non-maternity shorts that still feel comfortable and aren’t crazy expensive.

The best ones I’ve found are these Blank NYC denim shorts. They are literal perfection and you’d better believe I’m buying them in my normal size once I’m not pregnant. They’re the best shorts I have ever owned and when you size up one size, they’re perfect for a bump. I purchased mine when I was about 20 weeks along and I’m still wearing them very comfortably.

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I’ve found a few other pair that have an elastic waist band and have been really comfy so I’ll share them below.

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I found some really cute maternity jeans in the beginning of my pregnancy but they sold out super fast and haven’t been restocked. I didn’t want to share anything that I haven’t used myself so sadly we will have to skip past this part. I did just order a pair of distressed boyfriend crop jeans from GAP so I will definitely be sharing with y’all if they end up being a good buy!

The kimono situation is going strong in my closet and I don’t see it slowing down any time soon. My philosophy in dressing myself when pregnant is to get really good comfortable basics like these tanks (size up for the bump but they the best!) and dresses, then just add some cute accessories and a kimono and you’re set. The shape of a kimono is also really flattering on a pregnant bod, which I’m not mad about at all.

Here are a few of my recent favorites!

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I know I need to land the plane here so let me just close by saying don’t underestimate the power of really great shoes and accessories to spruce up even your most basic maternity style. This is the perfect time to rack up some super fun additions to your closet because you’re not limited to what you can choose from. Can I get an amen for that?!

Thanks for reading, friends!


30 Under 30 Swim

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Summer Stripes Roundup

It probably comes as no surprise to hear that I’m a REAL big fan of stripes. I blame it on my momma. She and I are both like moths to a flame when it comes to anything striped. We just about can’t help ourselves!

Since I have no plans to quit stripes any time soon, I thought now would be a good time to celebrate some fun Summer Stripes in the form of dresses, tops, shoes, and bags.

Most everything I’ve included in the list is under $50 so this shopping spree is guilt free. Insert praise hands emoji here.


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30 Under 30 Summer Shoes

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30 Under 30 Accessories

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