Mom Life Monday

Hey, hey!

Happy Monday to you! So excited to have another Mom Life Monday post to share with you.

First of all, I’m pumped to share this cute little tee shirt dress with y’all. I loved this stone washed grey color but it also comes in a pretty blush pink. The ruffle on the sleeve and around the hem gives it a bit of a feminine edge, which I love.

I’m not sure how much I’ve shared about how much I adore a converse sneaker, but I just DO. Right before I went off to college, my mom told me that she wore a pair of white converse almost every day of her freshmen year. She bought me my own pair and I thought of her every day when I wore them.

My mom had a really tough first year of college. Half way thru her freshmen year, her dad committed suicide. She grew up in an abusive home and my brave grandmother took my mom and her siblings and decided to escape all of it for their protection. My Mimi had no college degree and very little work experience and still ended up being a super successful realtor in the Atlanta area.

I imagine my sweet mom walking around her college campus in those white converse trying to hold herself together when so many things were falling apart and it just makes my admiration grow even more for her.

She went thru some really hard times during that year but she also met a cute boy who was so well respected on campus and he taught her what it meant to walk with God and helped her learn to love God’s word. That cute boy is my dad!

My mom is one of my best friends in all the world and I respect her so much. She makes me want to be brave and she teaches me every day what it means to be a mom and a wife.

I still think of her whenever I put my converse on. Maybe that’s part of the reason I love them so much. I also feel like they add some youth and whimsy to any outfit. So that helps too!

I may go thru a lot of clothes every month as a part of my job but there are a few pieces in my closet that I know I will keep forever and ever. These converse hold the number one spot.

I have my momma to thank for that!

Happy Monday, sweet friends!








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Spring Shoe Roundup

I don’t think I ever have a greater appreciation for the beauty and versatility of shoes than when I’m pregnant. The rest of me may be growing by leaps and bounds but my faithful feet stay their same old size. I love how I can take an otherwise basic look and spruce it up with a really fun pair of wedges or sandals.

I’ve rounded up a bunch of my favorite sandals and wedges for Spring and decided to share the post with you now because a lot of these options are currently on SALE.

You’ll see that I have a variety of price points and most of the selections are under $100. I have already ordered quite a few of these and will report back quickly regarding the most important aspect of a shoe… comfort.

To see the price and brand, just hover over the picture. To go directly to the link just click on the picture!

Happy shoe shopping, friends!

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Swimsuits For Any Budget

It’s a little crazy to me that it’s already time to start talking swimsuits on the blog. BUT what I’ve learned from years past is that if you wait until bathing suit season to buy one, most of the good ones are gone. So it’s best to plan ahead.

I find myself drawn to black swimsuits because I think they’re super flattering, so you’ll definitely be seeing a lot of that. But I also love pattern and some of the new suits out this year are just plain FUN.

I tried to round up a lot of varying price points so every budget will be pleased.

I would normally order and try on suits for y’all but seeing as how the bump is out in all its glory, I don’t want to turn anyone off with a try on session. So we will all just have to take a risk here and thank the good Lord for free returns!

Swim Under $50

Swim Under $100

Swim Under $150

Maternity Swim

Cover Ups

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Mom Life Monday

Happy Monday, y’all! I hope your weekend was wonderful!

For today’s Mom Life Monday, I’m sharing my top ten MOST asked about items I use on a daily basis. These will range from steamers to curling wands and everything in between.

  1. The number one direct message question I receive is always about how I curl my hair. I’d love to get my life together and do a tutorial, but for now, at least I can share this amazing wand that I love. I will try to add a hair tutorial to my saved stories so y’all can view it whenever you want. So stay tuned!
  2. Another beauty product I get a ton of questions about is self tanner. I’ve been using this TanWise for a while but I’ve also heard amazing things about this St. Moriz tanning mousse. Regardless of what tanner you use, I would HIGHLY recommend this mitt. I’ve been using this same one for years and its amazing!
  3. I get asked about how I do my eye shadow and I owe it all to this amazing palette!
  4. To round up the beauty section of this post, is THE most amazing hair spray ever. It’s not sticky at all but really holds your mane in place. I will never ever use another hair spray!
  5. I can’t stand ironing so this steamer has been an absolute life saver. I can get clothes out of their wrinkly state in no time and I can also travel with it which is a huge plus!
  6. Speaking of travel, I always have questions about my suitcase since it’s white, most people assume it gets super dirty in transit. The great thing about this set is that I can use a magic eraser when I get home to clean the scuffs and it’s good as new! I get so many compliments on this set. It’s such a show stopper and is the easiest to organize all my clothes and accessories. The whole set is on sale! This is the carry on, this is the medium size, and this is the large.
  7. A life saving home item I use is this mini vacuum sweeper thing. A friend of mine loved hers so much that she ordered one for me and OH MY it’s amazing! Its rechargeable and light weight enough to let the girls use it to clean up their own messes. Talk about a game changer.
  8. I also get asked about my aviator sunglasses. I have RayBans but I actually like the way these feel on my face SO much better! They are also on sale for $15 right now!
  9. It seems like every time I have Reese and Rowe on my stories, I get asked about where I get their bows. I’ve gone thru a LOT of bows and these are by FAR the best. The are clip in and they actually stay and hold their shape over time. The size is perfect too.
  10. The last thing I want to share is my gold monogrammed necklace. It’s from Shop Julia Marie and it’s the Lauren 2″ with the 16″ chain. You can use code LAURA for a discount.

I hope this helps with some of your most frequently asked questions! If you have any others, let me know and I’ll add it to the list for next time!


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30 Under 30

Hi, you guys!

This is a first for the blog but today a friend of mine reached out and asked if I had some ideas for really budget friendly items specifically under $30. I LOVED the idea of going on the hunt for some things to share with y’all and if you like this post, we can definitely make this a monthly thing!

So here we go….

I hope you enjoyed this roundup and y’all will have to let me know if you want to see more posts like this in the future!

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