Back To School Shopping With Lenox Square

Hi, friends!

Last week, the girls and I were invited to shop the Better Than Tax Free weekend event at Lenox Square. The deal was that for every $100 we spent, we earned a $10 gift card. Yay! We loaded up all the snacks and I bribed them with the promise of cupcakes dependent on good behavior. Then we set out to shop!

Lenox Square is HUGE (over 250 stores!) so we had to narrow down our choices since toddlers only last so long. We hit up GAP and Gymboree first since I figured the girls would rather try on clothes earlier in the outing. Then we went to some mommy stores.

Here are a few of the things we loved!





Next we headed to Loft so momma could find a few things!






We finished out our trip by eating a yummy lunch at Cheesecake Factory , which was so conveniently located right at the entrance to Lenox Square! Then the girls earned a cupcake at Sprinkles for dessert!

I loved being able to go to Lenox Square with my babies! I have the sweetest memories of going as a little girl with my mom and Mimi to ride the pink pig, get a hot chocolate, and visit Santa Claus. Christmas will be here before we know it and I have a feeling we will be taking plenty of return trips to see Priscilla and continue making our own traditions!

My outfits are linked below. Thanks so much for stopping by and thank you to Lenox Square for inviting us on this fun Back To School Haul shopping trip!

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Guest Bath Renovation

Hey Sweet Friends!

Well, all the dust has settled (literally!) and we finally have a completed guest bathroom. PRAISE. HANDS.

If there’s one I’ve learned from all the home renovation projects we’ve done, it’s this: It will always take longer than you think, cost more than you planned, and be a bigger headache than you anticipated. Ok that was three things. You get my drift though, right?

Home projects aren’t for the faint of heart and there were many a nights that I stood in my destroyed bathroom and thought to myself “Man, I miss the old bathroom. Even with all it’s flaws.”

In typical Laura style, I started the demolition process in this bathroom long before I had the actual blessing from Matt. Oopsies. I took down the large glass mirror, ripped up two layers of vinyl floor, patched walls, and then finally got to ripping out the tub enclosure and had to call in backup. I’m honestly surprised my sweet Dad has’t just blocked my number at this point because I rarely call with any news that doesn’t begin with “Hey, Daddy, I need your help.” It’s been that way my whole life so I guess he’s used to it by now.

In true Daddy Hero fashion, he showed up with the tools we needed and we went after it. If you’ve never torn out a thirty year old tub enclosure, you’re really missing out. It was epic. Ok, actually it was horrible but we got it done.

We finally had an open space so I went to work picking out finishes. This guest bathroom doubles as my girl’s bathroom so I wanted it to be somewhat feminine without being pink. Although I do dream of doing a pink bathroom. Any takers?

For the design in this space, I stuck with neutrals and touches of antique gold. Moms of littles, y’all know how crazy things can get in your kid’s bathroom! So I was going for all the calming vibes. I wanted to also add some fun texture so my dad installed this awesome faux shiplap wall and I decided to give a little pop of color with this amazing buffalo check (removable) wallpaper. It was SO affordable and SO easy to work with!

Another favorite feature of the bathroom is the wall faucet. Once I found the $150 console table, I immediately thought a vessel sink and wall faucet would be the dreamiest. God bless my dad for making it possible!

Without further rambling, here’s the beautiful guest bath!

Here’s the BEFORE


And the AFTER

















Thank you so much for sharing in the JOY that is my upstairs bathroom being all done. Now y’all come over any time to use it, ok?




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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – Public Access

So many of you have been patiently waiting your turn to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and it’s finally your time to shine! I’ve rounded up a ton of my favorites that are still in stock (keep in mind that things sell out fast!) so I hope this post will help you to find what you’ve been eyeing and grab it before it’s gone.



I will still be scouring the Nordstrom site for restocks of favorite items so keep checking my insta stories for updates!

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – Gifts

Hi! Me again, talking about the Nordstrom Sale. But this time instead of clothing and home goodies, I have rounded up some fun ideas for the planner in all of us. I made this list with birthdays, showers, and Christmas in mind. I know it may sound crazy to already be talking Christmas, but this is me we’re talking about, so I know you aren’t that surprised.

I love the rifle paper company recipe box! It’s one of my go-to gifts for showers and birthdays. It’s just so pretty and functional. I also love some of the fun personalized items the sale is offering. Like the cute luggage tags and how fun is that monogrammed cooler? The blankets are SUPER soft and cozy so don’t miss out on those.

Maybe my favorite gift idea is the State chalk board tray. I love hosting parties so a chalk board tray is a must, and the state addition is just a cool touch.

Happy shopping, sweet friends!

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – Home

Y’all. I cannot BELIEVE that I have been missing out on all this goodness from the Home section of the Nordstrom Sale. Good grief, distract me with light pink cardigans and I’m worthless!

I’m correcting all my past mistakes and bringing y’all the sweetest selections from the sale. Please pay special attention to the AMAZING candles. The beaded jar candles are the best I’ve ever smelled. I have one lit in my house at all times. I’m also currently trying to decide which rug and comforter to choose for our master bedroom. So. Much. Goodness!

Enjoy, y’all!

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