Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – 2017

Hi, friends!

I’m really excited to give y’all a heads up about a HUGE sale that’s very quickly approaching. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is by far THE biggest sale of the year! I know y’all hear me talking about sales all the time but here’s why this one is so awesome: while most sales are trying to push old merchandise by discounting what’s not moving, The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale showcases brand new products that are deeply discounted! Yes, please!

The Nordstrom Sale is the perfect time to start planning for your Fall wardrobe, but it’s also a good idea to go ahead and think about Christmas gifts, back to school needs, upcoming birthdays, etc.

When Is The Sale?

The Sale is open to the public on July 21st and will extend thru August 6th. That sounds like a long time but most of the hot items will sell out fast. Early access to the sale begins July 13th and this is only for Nordstrom card holders. If you’re a card holder, go ahead and set an alert on your phone for July 13th and be sure to check my blog and Instagram because I’ll be sharing all my favorites with y’all!

What’s The Best Way To Shop?

I absolutely hate crowds and this sale is going to be crazy in the stores so I suggest either buying online and doing in-store pickup OR buying online and having it shipped to your home. Nordstrom has free shipping and free returns so whatever doesn’t work gets shipped back easy peasy.

What’s Included In The Sale?

So far all that’s been released is a small preview of the sale items. But you had better believe that I’m going to be rounding up ALL the best finds from the sale for y’all in one spot! I’ll be sure to keep y’all posted on when everything goes live, what you just HAVE to have, and of course what I’m getting.

If you have any questions about the sale, please let me know! I will do my best to make sure we all put our FOMO to good use and take full advantage of this amazing sale!

Love y’all!

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4th of July Sale Roundup

Happy 4th, friends!

We are gearing up for a day full of family time, food, and fireworks but before everything goes into full swing, I wanted to share a few awesome sales that are going on right now!

ASOS is doing a buy more, save more event. Use code FREE50 to get $50 off $200. FREE70 will get you $70 off of $250 and FREE100 will get you $100 off an order of $350 or more!

Goodnight Macaroon is offering 40% off their entire site. They have SO many cute options right now!!

Loft is offering an additional 60% off already reduced styles. I’ve gotten SO many cute things from there recently, y’all.

Anthropologie is offering 30% off sale styles and they have some super great deals.



Happy shopping! Hope you have the BEST 4th of July!


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Color Block Dress + Thoughts On International Ordering

Alright alright alright… I get questions alllll the time about where I get my clothes. Obviously. However the number one question I get asked is if I like ordering clothes from online stores that are over seas. The answer is: YES.

I’m used to it but I know it still makes some people nervous so I’m here to give you my experience and hopefully take some of the guess work out.

This adorable color block dress is SUPER high quailty and I got it for $17 from Shein  (I’m wearing a small for reference!).  Normally it takes about one and a half to two weeks for my order to get here, which is a little bit longer than most places but still not horrible. I’ve been told that returns are getting much easier AND they are working to get their ship time down! If you read reviews and see the item first on someone you know, then you can get a pretty good idea of fit before you order. I always try to let y’all know how stuff runs and what size I’m in so you won’t have any surprises when your clothes come in.


I also get a TON of my clothes from ASOS because their clothes have a boutique feel but are super affordable. Their shipping is really fast and returns are SO easy. Literally your order will come with a prepaid return shipping label and a self sealed bag and you just pop it back in the mail if it doesn’t work. Their sizing is normally in UK sizing so just think about whatever your size is times two and that’s your UK size. I almost always wear an 8 at ASOS.

Another couple of international retailers I order from are Chic Wish and Goodnight Macaroon. They both have great sales and just a really beautiful selection of clothes! Returns are easy at Chic Wish and a little more difficult with Goodnight Macaroon. But the good news is that a ton of bloggers shop at Goodnight so you can always get the scoop on how items fit before you buy.

Here are a few fun finds from Chic Wish!

Here are a few from Goodnight Macaroon!

If you have any questions about ordering, please don’t hesitate to let me know! I’m here to help!!

Thanks for reading, sweet friend!

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June Goals

Am I the only person that canNOT believe it’s already June?! My word this year is just flying by. I’m a teensy bit late to the June goals game but better late than never is my motto. Also, thinking I should add “Plan ahead better” to my list of goals for the month. Ha!

Here are my goals for the month:

Half Marathon Training: Ok so while I’m not completely sure where or when I’m doing a half marathon, I do know I want to continue training so I can have a re-do of my my first experience. I was newly pregnant (didn’t know it yet!) and had strep in my lungs. It was terrible! I really want to give it another shot. I’ve been doing maintenance runs of three miles three to four times per week but it’s about time to start running longer. One of the first things I need to do is get new shoes! I’ve use the Nike Free shoe in the past but would love to hear any suggestions you have! So far I’ve narrowed it down to these.

Finish House Projects: We have a few things going on that we’ve left to the pro’s but I’ve been doing a few things of my own that I’ve got to finish up. Part of the issue is saving up for things I want to do seems to take fo-evuh! I know I’d like to finish up Rowen’s room and the upstairs bathroom. My dad is helping out with the bathroom (thank goodness!). To finish Rowen’s room, I still need to decide on bedding and a few things to put on the walls. Oh, and lamps. Still gotta get those lamps! Here’s a little sneak at what we’ve pulled together so far!

Plant Flowers: Ok before you start laughing at this pitiful goal, just know that my thumbs are BLACK, not green. It’s the saddest thing. We joke and say my yard is where flowers come to live their last days. I kill everything. But I am determined to change that. I dream of having beautiful window boxes filled with overflowing greenery and flowers. I’ve been eyeing these from Wayfair and I’m kind of obsessed. If you have any tips on keeping flowers alive, send them my way!

Organize closet: Ok, so if you’ve followed me for a while you know that our closet collapsed a few months ago. Well, we are finally getting our bath and closet expanded next week, which means I will get to completely organize my closet. This is such a dream. If you could see what I’ve been living with these last few months you would literally LOL. It’s so hilarious!

We have a beach trip coming up in two weeks so I’m hoping to have most of these house projects done before then. I’m really looking forward to some runs with my sisters while we are at the beach, too! Here’s a sneak peek of what’s going in my suitcase!


Thanks for reading, sweet friends!!


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Embroider It All, Y’all

Hi! Thanks so much for coming by my blog today. I’m glad you’re here because that means that you love embroidery. I too have a deep love for embroidery, hence the entire post being dedicated to it.

I think we can all agree on one thing right up front: Embroidered clothing is THE number one trend of the summer! I’m seeing it everywhere and I’m not at all mad about it. I love the feminine touch and how it’s just as appropriately worn on a beach in Cabo as it is in the deli section of Publix. You can more than likely find me wearing my embroidered things at the latter. It’s fine. I’m fine. #pleasetakemesomewheretropical

In an effort to buy all the embroidered things, I’ve rounded up what I’ve found on my search. I’m really loving that my go-to spots for great deals are carrying some CUTIE options, but if you’re looking for something a little higher quality, I gotcha covered there too!

I limited this post to just dresses and tops but be warned! I’m starting to work on a bags and shoes post. It’s coming!

Have a happy day, sweet friends!


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