Nordstrom Sale Public Access

Hey, Friends!

I know most of y’all are SO excited it’s finally your turn to shop the Nordstrom Sale! It’s been so hard to share all the fun styles when half of my readers couldn’t even buy them yet. I’m glad the wait is almost over.

The public sale will begin at 12:00 AM Pacific Standard Time on Friday. Just so we don’t end up confused, that’s going to mean you may want to stay up THURSDAY night and watch the clock strike midnight and then get your SHOP ON. For those of us on the east coast, the sale will go live Friday morning at 3 AM.

Remember the way to support your favorite bloggers who have been covering the sale is to grab a link to go straight to Nordstrom. The easiest way to find mine is to see my very first highlighted story and just swipe up from there! If you’re shopping from a laptop, come straight to my blog and click on any link on this blog post.

If you plan to shop from the Nordstrom app, none of us can get credit for it.

To help you get the most out of your sale, I would suggest a few tips:

  1. Go ahead and make your wish list NOW. You can go to the anniversary sale tab on the Nordstrom Website and search your favorites then choose size and add to wish list. On the day of the sale, go straight to your wish list and add to cart!
  2. Items like sweaters and booties will sell out FIRST so add those to bag and check out immediately. Nothing is safe in your cart and you’re at risk of your order being cancelled if others are checking out faster. Since Nordstrom offers free shipping, it doesn’t matter how many times you check out. At least you’ll ensure you get your favorites first!
  3. Shop ONLINE first and then head to a store. Trust me, I’ve seen the stores and they are very picked over. Shop online for the best guage of inventory and then if you still want to head to stores, you can.
  4. Save things like scarves and bags for last because more than likely they will stay in stock.
  5. Keep on watching. So many items are going to be restocked in a variety of sizes because people will be returning what didn’t fit. Chances are, what you’re looking for WILL come back in. Go ahead and get what you can and you can always swap something out later if something you like comes back in stock.

Here are my TOP PICKS narrowed down from the sale. Everything I’m listing was available in all sizes at the time of this post going live.

If y’all have any other questions regarding the sale, please let me know and I’ll do my best to help!

Thanks for reading, friends!

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