Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale Roundup

Between running up and down the stairs putting Rowen back in her big girl bed and rounding up all the best find from the Nordstrom half yearly sale, it’s been a busy afternoon!

It’s been totally worth it because this is a great sale! Remember to snag what you love quick because the best goodies will go fast.


Makeup Products Made Easy


It’s really only fitting that my first ever makeup post would be all about how to make yourself look glam without it being complicated.

If I’m being real with you guys, which I always am BTW, I will say that I use really affordable products and it takes me less than ten minutes a day to do my makeup. Before you decide to stop reading this post all together (ha!) let me just say that I looooove playing around with makeup looks but I am not in the season of life where that makes sense for me. I’m in the season of life where I rejoice if I have any form of makeup on my face. So there’s that.

I have some go-to products that I’ve been using fo-evuh and I think you might like them too! So we will start with a product run down and then if I get real brave and find a steady hand to record me (sorry, toddlers need not apply) then I will do an actual tutorial for y’all! Stay tuned. Or don’t. I make no promises.

So for starters, I use a product called Nerium in the morning and at night. It’s a completely natural anti aging skin care line and I have used it for a long time. I love it. My sister and my mom are both in the company so I can hook you up if you want! Before I apply my makeup, I use the Day Cream.

I use my beauty blender to spread my foundation. I used to just use my fingers but I found that I was breaking out a lot more. Turns out the oils in my fingers getting on my face weren’t making magic happen. I’ve noticed a huge difference since using the blender. It’s amazing!

I start out with my base foundation. MAC foundation used to be my go-to but I recently switched to this much cheaper alternative and I’m loving it! It’s perfect for oily skin (me!) because it gives a matte finish. I apply the foundation onto the beauty blender and then spread it all over my face and eye lids.

I use an angled brush and do a quick contouring under my cheek bones, around my hair line, under my chin, and on each side of my nose with the darkest color in my contouring palette. I’ve only ever used this contouring palette and I love it. It’s lasted me almost two years so I definitely think it’s worth the investment! I use another brush to take the lighter shade and highlight around where I did the darker. Speaking of highlighter, this is one thing that I’ve started using recently and absolutely love! I typically just apply a little bit under my eyes near the top of my cheek bone but it adds such a pretty shimmer if I want to glow a bit more.

I use this blush  and I don’t really think I ever use enough. When I was in high school, an older lady at church told me I needed to wear more blush because I looked sick. #rude That’s it for the face! I like to use a setting spray real quick and then move onto the eyes.

I apply this eye primer before I do my eye brows so it has time to dry. I will say that primer makes ALL the difference in the world with my eye makeup. This one is not expensive and it lasts forever!

Matt gave me this new Naked Palette in my Easter Basket and it’s definitely the best I’ve ever used!! The colors are just perfect if you’re trying to achieve a smoky eye, which I pretty much always am. I put the color “sin” all over my lid then I apply “toasted” across the bone. I add “hustle” in the corner and will also use this color to smudge my liner underneath if I’m doing evening makeup. I use a liquid eye liner on the top, and if you’re at ALL intimidated by liquid liner, this is the one for you! SO easy to use! I finish up with this mascara. Literally the most amazing!

I finish off with my brows because, thanks to my grandmothers genes, I have the lightest eye brows known to man. I use this pomade and it’s perfection for blondies!

If you have any questions, let me know. I’m still pretty new into the whole “sharing my makeup routine” thing so y’all are troopers for powering thru with me!

I hope it was helpful! If it wasn’t, then at least maybe you feel even more confident about your makeup routine! Ha!

Friday Favorites


Thank you for stopping by the blog today! It’s been a looooooong time since I’ve done a Friday Favorites blog post so I thought now is as good a time as any. Since it is Friday. Ha! Here we go!

For starters, this gingham top. It’s the dreamiest, right? I love. As if the cute peplum detail in the front isn’t enough, it’s got the bow detail in the back. Yes. Please. Also it’s only $20!


Now for the rest of the list! In no particular category OR order, here are a few of my favorite things:

This Smashbox eye primer. I don’t know if all eye primers are created equally because I’ve only ever used this one. But I love this one! It’s so affordable and lasts for-ev-er. Not even kidding. I’ve been on the same tube for almost a year! My eye makeup is a hot mess if I forget to put this stuff on. It’s just necessary.

This vacuum thingy AKA The Bissel Perfect Sweep Turbo. I sort of feel like there should be an echo after that. I’m really not sure exactly what category this would fall into. It’s kind of like if a broom and a vacuum cleaner had a baby, it would be this. If you have kids of any age but ESPECIALLY toddlers, you need this in your life. I’m obsessed.

I started reading Know Your Why by Ken Costa and YOU GUYS. It’s a game changer. It’s an easy read (I have a short attention span) and it very VERY insightful! I really like practical life application stuff and this book is full of that.

Ok finally we have this bra that’s completely essential for Spring and Summer! I have people message me all the time about what undergarments I suggest when wearing something with low to no back. Well, here it is! It’s comfortable, doesn’t slide off, AND is washable and re-wearable! I’ve had mine for over a year and it’s still going strong.

Happy weekend, sweet friends!! Thanks again for stopping by!

Vacation Style

Hi, friends!

I did lots and lots of research before our most recent beach trip in order to try to find some cutie stuff to take with me. Sadly, I was so frazzled before we left that I forgot to pack half of what I got. Thankfully we get to go back to the beach in a few weeks with my fam so I’ll have another chance to wear everything. In the meantime though I wanted to share with YOU some of the goodies I’ve been finding in hopes that maybe you’ll find something that needs to be in your suitcase on your next vacay!

But first! Here’s one of my favorite looks that I actually DID remember to take to the beach! HA!








You’ll notice under accessories, I’ve listed the curling wand I use for beachy waves, the suitcase I take on all my trips, and the steamer that I cannot live without!

Hope this helps give you a little bit of inspo as you head into vacation season!



Lou Harvey – My new favorite mom bag!


Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today. I’m super excited to share about our experience getting to play with and photograph the beautiful line of Lou Harvey bags.

Y’all know I’m a mom of two littles and along with that comes ALL the stuff. Some days I feel like I’m drowning in tiny shoes and hair bows. Don’t get me wrong, I loooooooove being mommy to my treasures but I also love being organized! I live in a small house so I don’t have space to store tons of different bags for different occasions. I need easy to clean, pretty, and functional. These bags are all that and more!

I’ve been using the huge bag in my trunk to throw everything in when we go inside. I love a clean car so this has been ideal! I’m also planning to use it as our beach bag next week! The girls both have their little backpacks, which are perfect for their frames. I also have the overnight bag (and gym bag!), as well as the makeup bag, which is the perfect size for dry shampoo, hair spray, deodorant, and a brush.

I think perhaps my favorite part of this whole photo shoot was hanging out with all these precious girls! The bags were awesome but the ones holding them were even better.

You know have the best squad ever when they help love on your babies who missed naps, need snacks, and have been in the car most of the day.

Love these girls. Love these bags. Love you for still reading up to this point! HA!

Confetti makes everything better!!

I’ve been using this tote bag non-stop. It makes for a perfect toiletry overnight bag! And these are the little back packs I was telling y’all about. Sweet, right?


Just casually looking for some gym things.


The bags we are holding here are the ones I’ve been using in my car. They also make GREAT beach bags!







You can use code “laurawgodfrey20” for 20% off your purchase!

Below I’ve included links for what I wore as well as what my babies wore!