Fall and Winter Pastels


I’m always kind of surprised by some of the “rules” that most people still think apply to fashion. No white after labor day, no sweaters with shorts, and definitely no pastels unless it’s Spring time.

I’m happy to report that so many of these ideas are in the past and when you do it right, most trends can be worn no matter what time of year it is. Just to be clear, socks with sandals is still a NO NO in any situation.

Today I want to talk a little bit about wearing pastels in Fall and Winter. This is the time of year we start to see lots of warm golden tones, but I’m also seeing tons of beautiful pastels and I think I must be drawn to them because of how different they look compared to the other colors dominating the market right now.

My preferred way to wear pastels is to balance them with richer colors to still give some depth. In this case, the beautiful color of the lavender coat is balanced by the warmth in the boots and the depth of the navy top and skirt.

I have loved these skirts from J Crew Factory! They are so flattering and come in a ton of colors. The length is perfect for work.

This coat is an absolute dream. I would say it runs pretty large so be sure to size down a few from your normal size. I’m wearing a size 00. I could have probably done a 0, too!

The coat, skirt, and top are all 40% off right now.







Mom Life Monday – The Cure For Complaing


Happy Monday to YOU! Hope you had a great weekend! For this week’s Mom Life Monday tip of the day, I wanted to share an idea we have been using in our house to help with the issue of complaining. I’m sure your children don’t ever complain but just in case, here’s what we’ve found works for us!

Whenever I hear one of my girls say something that resembles complaining, I always respond with


“Before you complain about a problem, try to find a solution.”


For instance:

Rowen’s Problem: “Reeeeeeeeese! I can’t see the TV! Mommy, Reese won’t MOVE!”

My response: “Rowen, before we complain about a problem, let’s try to find a solution! Instead of complaining that Reese won’t move, please just ask her (with kindness!) to please scoot over so you can see.

If you have kids under the age of four, you will most likely have to help them find the solution in the beginning, but as they get more practice solving their OWN PROBLEMS, they will become much better at it! I’ve been so amazed to hear how much better the girls are at figuring out their problems all on their own, rather than complaining being their first resort.

I wish I could say that we have alleviated complaining all together, but it definitely still happens. The key from a parenting perspective is to be consistent, not fix it for them, remind them what they need to do, and some times give them a little guidance.

Now for today’s Momiform, here’s an outfit I get a lot of wear out of in the Fall.

The key ingredients to pull off this look is a pair of skinny jeans (these are only $65!), a cute button down, and riding boots. I’ve been hunting the right pair of riding boots for YEARS. These are absolutely perfect. When I shared them on my instagram, I couldn’t believe how many messages from followers that said that they’ve had these boots for years and they still look great!






I love a loose fitting button down, especially if it includes a pretty bow detail like this one. It’s a little more of a splurge for me but it can be worn in so many different ways. I absolutely love the color combo, too! Like I said before, these riding boots are the most affordable and comfortable pair I’ve ever owned. They run true to size and also come in a wide calf version. They have the prettiest button detail above the zipper in the back and the color goes with everything!

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog for Mom Life Monday! Today’s memory verse is “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men.” Colossians 3:23

Outfit details below!

Friday Favorites – FAQ Edition

Before we jump into Friday Favorites, could we just talk for a sec about how this is my FAVORITE outfit for fall thus far?! I’m loving the button up skirt and this brown and black color combo is just everything. I think a turtleneck is super duper flattering on just about anyone and this one from J Crew Factory Store is light weight enough to give the look of the high neck without feeling suffocating!

Ok! So for today’s Friday Favorites, I’m going to try to answer some of my most frequently asked questions! Let’s start with my curling wand. I get questions all the time about what I use to curl my hair and I am TELLING YOU this wand is the best! It’s the perfect size and heats up enough to curl quickly and allows the curl to stay! Speaking of making the curl stay, I’m also linking the hair spray that makes ALL the difference in the world.



Another question I get a LOT is what I use for my eye makeup, foundation, blush, eye liner, and neutral lipstick. I’ve linked all the items I use and the lipstick color I wear almost every day is called Caramel Latte. I have used this eye shadow palette for a year now and it’s just perfect for a simple smoky eye. If I can get my life together, I’ll try to post a tutorial for HOW I do my eye makeup. But this should at least get you started.

Also, while we are on the subject of makeup, here’s the self tanner and mitt that I use for application!



I also get asked on a weekly basis what kind of workout I do. Three to four times a week I do a high intensity interval training workout. Two to three times a week, I go for a run. We also love to go for hikes as a family, which typically involves me taking turns carrying Reese and Rowen on my back. So lots of activity and I use the 80/20 rule for how I eat. I try to eat clean 80% of the time and then the other 20% of my meals, anything goes. AKA I got to chick fil a!



I know this sounds super random but I also get lots of questions about paint colors in my house! The exterior paint color is Benjamin Moor Winds Breath with Rockport Grey shutters. The inside of our house is Revere Pewter also by Benjamin Moore.



Here’s everything I’m wearing in today’s post:

Five Must-Have Trends For Fall

hi, friend!

Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today! I’m excited to be sharing five trends for Fall that you should be looking out for. Most of these are probably already EVERYWHERE you look so might be like “Yes, Laura, we get it, girl.’ But you never know! One of the trends might surprise you and since I’m always on the lookout for ways to keep my squad on the up and up of the fashion world, here we are.

Let’s start with plaid! It can be worn SO many different ways and seen in a ton of different styles. I love a buffalo plaid but I also have been swooning over navy plaid. This top I wore layered under an open front sleeveless cardi but it can also be worn all by itself. I love the gathered detail around the neckline and the wrist. Just a little something to make it more special. If you see a style of plaid and you love it, snag it. You can’t overdo the plaid situation this fall.




Hats! Y’all. If I had a dollar for every time someone said “I love hats but I can’t pull them off”, I’d be a rich woman. You wanna know who can pull off a hat? Anyone with a head. Maybe you aren’t a floppy hat girl but with the right outfit, the baker boy hat is spot ON. This hat I styled with this plaid top is super affordable and a perfect neutral color so it can be worn with all the things.




Velvet. You can take one quick glance at my instagram feed and know exactly how I feel about velvet. I. Love. It. Maybe you don’t want to wear a velvet bomber, but the velvet booties might be worth a shot. I also love the subtle feel of a tank or a skirt in velvet. Just take the plunge and add at least one velvet item to your closet and see how you feel about it. I promise it’ll just make you feel FANCY every time you wear it.




Suede (or faux suede for the budget conscious among us) has my heart, y’all. Not only do I love the look of it, but it’s so so so soft. Typically you’ll find most suede has a bit of a stretch to it (please pas the tacos!) but it also has kind of a smoothing effect. It’s a win/win folks.




We will finish up with a trend for fall that’s been pretty subtle in its introduction. The wide leg OR flare pant is back in action and I love it. These jeans are really affordable and not so flared out that you’ll feel like you should be singing the theme to Saturday Night Fever. Wide leg culottes are also super in! They look great styled with sock booties or pointy toe heels. In most flare pant situations, you just want to make sure you wear them with a heel so as to elongate the leg and not cut it off abruptly at the heel.




Ok, I wanna hear from y’all! What are your favorite trends for Fall? See anything you can’t stand or anything you can’t WAIT to try??



Thanks again so much for stopping by! One Friday I’ll be sharing a super fun Friday Favorites blog post with all the things I’ve been loving and using recently. See you then!

Outfit in today’s post:

My Top Five Favorite Places to Shop

Hi, friend!

You’ve probably guessed by now that the day to day life of a style blogger involves a LOT of shopping. Shopping, styling, and then shooting looks to share on my blog and instagram is my job so while I am constantly on the lookout for new places to shop, I have my go-to spots that never let me down.

I consider my style to be pretty eclectic. I dress according to how I want to feel. So since I have such a wide variety of items being added to my closet, the list of places I like to shop varies pretty heavily too. Today’s blog post is going to be more than just sharing where I shop, if you follow me on instagram, you probably already know that! I wanna dive a little deeper into why I shop where I do, what I look for at each place, and what you guys can expect if you shop there.

Let’s dive right in!


Loft – The Loft is my go-to source for classic styles and statement pieces. They have great sweaters, accessories, dresses, and basics like jeans and tee shirts. Their prices are affordable on any given day but they are fantastic about running sales. I pretty much never pay full price there because I know if I wait a minute, they’ll be offering 40-50% off. They get new styles in often so it’s a fun place to frequent. The items arrive within about a week when I do order online. Here are a few of my recent favorite purchases from Loft!

ASOS – Pronounced “a-sauce”. Crazy, right? I’ve been saying it wrong for so long! Asos is an online only department type store with an incredible selection of unique items with a designer feel. I am constantly finding great deals on cardigans, pullover sweaters, skirts, and dresses. They’ve got awesome handbags and hats for fall. This is a super easy place to shop because they offer free shipping and returns. If you don’t like something you ordered, put it back in the same bag, attach the shipping label, put it in the mailbox, and you’re done. So easy! And wayyyyyyy better than shopping in a store, especially if you’ve got kids with you in the dressing room! One thing people get a little hung up on is the sizing. Here’s what you need to know: ASOS normally uses European sizing and occasionally will have US sizing. I’ve never found a rhyme or reason to when they use each one. But basically I always wear a UK 8 (which is US 4). Under each item they have a great description of what size they recommend for you based on past purchases. They also give you the models stats as well as what size she’s wearing. Once you figure out which brands you like from ASOS, you’ll get really good at figuring out sizing. The site is HUGE so in order to not get overwhelmed, I like to do searches for specific items like peplum tops, open front cardigans, or pullover sweaters. It helps to narrow things down. Here are a few recent purchases from ASOS!

Nordstrom – Every blogger’s favorite spot, right? But it really is just so good! Nordstrom constantly has new styles and great prices. Their website is super easy to navigate and their customer service is incredible. They offer great sales throughout the year, and y’all know how I feel about a sale! Nordstrom also offers free shipping and returns PLUS they have an awesome rewards program so every time you shop, you earn points. Your points add up to get you free clothes! Yes, please. My favorite brands to shop at Nordstrom are B.P, Hinge, and Caslon. Most of these brands will keep the price point under $50-$100 so you’ll get a good bang for your buck. Here are a few recent favorites from Nordstrom.

SheIn – This one may come as a suprise to some of you. There are definitely some mixed reviews out there about ordering from China, but I’m just going to share my experience. And just to clear things up, I have done collaborations with SheIn in the past, meaning they’ve sent me clothes for free to style and blog about. BUT I have also ordered clothes from them myself so I could test out the Non-Blogger experience for y’all. They have recently updated their shipping and returns policy, making it way faster to get your items and way easier to return what you don’t like. If you see something that I’ve posted from SheIn, you can bet your bottom dollar that the quality is good. I promise to never ever post anything to my blog that I don’t love. You just can’t beat the prices of SheIn. Like so so so so good y’all. And since the quality is good, it’s just a win/win. If you’re still nervous about ordering, maybe just try it once with an item you’ve seen a blogger wear and then one day you might be brave enough to do your own searching and purchasing! I have a big order coming in this week so I will share what I get then!

Forever 21 – Or as I like to call it, Foever 31. This is one of those places I’ve been shopping at for at least 15 years now and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon. I love F21 because their prices are just amazing. Super affordable but also super on trend. I have already found some precious pieces for Fall and I had to reign it in. So far I’ve found skirts, dresses, and sweaters. They also have great hats and accessories at a surprisingly low price point. Their in store experience kind of stinks but their online customer service is great. They used to have a policy that you could only return for a store credit but now you can just get your money back if something doesn’t work! Here are a few things I’ve gotten recently.

I also really love me some Target, H&M, and Old Navy!

I hope this helps give you a little bit of guidance into what kinds of things to be looking for at each place. If you ever have any questions about any of the places I shop when it comes to sizing, customer service, returns, or whatever…. just let me know! I’m so happy to help!

Thanks for stopping by!