Favorite Shoes for Fall


Y’all don’t even wanna know how much self discipline it takes for me to walk past a cute pair of boots and just keep going without picking them up, kissing them right on the heel, and dancing a waltz with them.

I really like shoes. But I really really like boots.

I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites for this Fall and as an added bonus, these are ALL under $50 AND all Buy One Get One 50% off. You can tell your husbands to send their thank you notes in the form of starbucks gift cards.

Happy Fall Shopping, babes!


Little White Off the Shoulder Dress

If you’re loving the off the shoulder trend as much as I am, then you are really, really loving it. It’s easy to find because all the retailers you know and love are totally committed to this trend. And could we maybe just take a minute to rejoice in the fact that the hottest look of the Spring and Summer is pretty much just a pillowcase with sleeves. It’s loose. It’s forgiving. It’s flattering. It’s comfortable. We are living right, ladies.

This little white off the shoulder dress I’m wearing is from Dress Up and it’s no longer available online. BUT I did find a very similar style from Target.

And just a heads up, if you’re a small build like me (ie flat chested) then I’d go for the OTS styles with the ruffle at the bust. It gives a flounce where you need it and makes for a much more flattering fit.