Summer Stripes Roundup

It probably comes as no surprise to hear that I’m a REAL big fan of stripes. I blame it on my momma. She and I are both like moths to a flame when it comes to anything striped. We just about can’t help ourselves!

Since I have no plans to quit stripes any time soon, I thought now would be a good time to celebrate some fun Summer Stripes in the form of dresses, tops, shoes, and bags.

Most everything I’ve included in the list is under $50 so this shopping spree is guilt free. Insert praise hands emoji here.


30 Under 30 Summer Shoes

30 Under 30 Accessories

Baby Gear Must Haves

First off, can I just say that y’all are so amazing?! The fact that I can just jump on instagram and ask for opinions and y’all literally just flood me with the BEST ideas, just blows my mind sometimes! I never take for granted how kind y’all are and I hope you know it.

As some of you know, a few weeks ago, I asked the mothers of instagram to tell me what their must have baby items were. The nice part of compiling the information was that so many of you had the same ideas. Goes to show that when something works, it really works!

I am so excited to try some of these items because y’all it has been a hot minute since we’ve had any baby stuff around here.

The two most highly recommended items were the Rock N Play and the Dock a Tot. We used the rock n play with both Reese and Rowen and it was such a life saver! Although can we talk about why it’s called Rock n play? That sucker was intended to put the baby to SLEEP. There was zero playing going on! Thankfully now the updated version also includes vibrating and auto rocking. Yes, please. So excited for the new version!!

The dock a tot was the other most highly recommended item and so many of you said it was the perfect chill spot for the baby to feel safe and snug and that it was also good for travel in the early months of baby’s life. I can’t WAIT to try this! The reviews are amazing and I’m honestly going to take your word for it.

There were so many other items y’all raved about so I’ve included all of them below. Be sure to read the caption under the perfect for more info on why the momma’s said they loved these products!

Thanks again for all the amazing input!!!

Spring Shoe Roundup

Hey, hey!

I feel like I’ve been subtly filling your instagram feed with some of my favorite shoes purchases so far this Spring and now it’s time to pull them all together in one place. I’m going to organize this post into price points rather than shoe types. If you’re like me, a comfy shoe is important but budget is even MORE important.

Most of the shoes I’m sharing are ones that I’ve actually had on my feet so I feel like I can confidently share how good they are! Any of the ones I share that I haven’t tried, I always make sure the reviews are good for y’all.

Under $200

Under $100

Under $50

Under $25