Fall Fashion with Walmart

Even as I type the title to this blog post, I’m like “wait WHAT?” Fashion and Walmart? Y’all. It’s true! The times are a changin and Walmart is truly upping their game when it comes to women’s fashion. It’s still the same low prices we’ve all come to expect from Walmart, but the style options they have available are high quality and adorable.

Maybe you still don’t believe me, so to prove my point, I’ve pulled together a head to toe look that I got from Walmart and the whole outfit is $50. Yes. $50!

I love the high waist fit of these jeggings and the booties are super comfortable. I don’t play when it comes to shoe comfort, ok? The button down is ultra soft and the quality is great. I can think of so many ways to style it, too!

I’m wearing a size 4 in the jeggings so I’d recommend going with your normal size. I got a small in the top and my normal size in the booties.

Here are a few other favorites I’ve found for Fall!

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Thank you to Walmart for sponsoring today’s post! As always, all opinions shared are my own.

Our Morning Routine

If there’s one thing I’ve learned since adding a third little babe to our family, it’s that in order to get anything done EVER, you have to plan ahead.

So even though today’s blog post is about our morning routine, what I’ve come to realize is that a great morning begins the night before.

So what does that mean? For us it means that in order to be able to enjoy our morning, there’s a lot of pre-planning that has to take place.

On a typical school night, I pack the girls lunches, fill up their water bottles, and put their school bags by the door. Before we tuck the girls into bed, we pick out their clothes for the next morning so we are all on the same page about outfit choices. I make sure to go ahead and include their shoes and bows so we aren’t hunting missing items. Always a huge time waster!

This has been a game changer since the majority of our morning drama came from a few certain family members (looking at you Reese and Rowen) deciding that they only wanted to wear things that were dirty or too small. This took us all to stress level ten and it always put a damper on our morning.

Talking through this ahead of time removed all the stress and now the girls are getting themselves dressed before they even come down stairs. Watching your babies get big isn’t all bad.

I also figure out what I’m going to wear and if my hair needs washing, I’ll do that before I go to sleep as well.

So by the time morning comes, I wake up and nurse Lerner and then she chills in the bathroom with me while I get ready. If Matt’s home when the girls get up around 7, he makes their breakfast and some mornings we even have time to all eat together. Once they’re done eating, they get to play until 8 when we have to head out the door. We try to be pulling out of the driveway by 8:05.

Because of everything we did the night before, the only thing we do in the morning is get dressed, brush hair and teeth, eat breakfast, and GO.

I can’t even tell you how much planning ahead the night before has changed our morning routine. It sounds so simple that I almost didn’t even share it here. But it took me such a long time to actually do it that I thought maybe I’m not the only one that needed a little switch up.

I hope this was helpful! Thanks for hanging with me today for a few minutes!

Back To School With Uniqlo

Hi, friends!

Y’all know in my heart of hearts, I am a bargain shopper. I love a good deal but I also know that the quality of products is equally as important. This is especially true when it comes to clothes for my kids.

You momma’s get it. Kids are TOUGH on clothes. So having options that are affordable AND durable is a total must.

That’s why I am so very excited to introduce y’all to a new (to me!) brand of clothes for the whole fam from UNIQLO. When I first discovered the brand, I couldn’t believe how sweet the styles were. Then I saw the prices and I was sold. Literally!

UNIQLO offers everything from play clothes to school clothes as well as outfits that can be dressed up for church or other events. They have outer wear and pajama sets and like I mentioned before, everything is super affordable!

Here are a few of our favorites from UNIQLO:

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For sizing reference, the outerwear runs true to size but the dresses run a bit big so I’d recommend sizing down one from your kiddos normal size.

Thank you so much for coming by the blog today! Huge thanks to UNIQLO for making such darling and affordable clothes for the whole fam AND for sponsoring today’s post!

Amazon Prime Style


I’m a huge fan of Amazon Prime. I’m not real sure what we did before we had the option of ordering products and having them delivered to our house in a flash. Up to this point, we pretty much have only used prime for household items but recently, I feel like I’ve uncovered a gold mine of the inexpensive fashion variety.

You can be assured that I’m going to keep on sharing all the stuff I’m finding but I wanted to go ahead and give you a little peek into what I’ve ordered so far.

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Lerner Olivia’s Nursery

Hi, friends! So excited have you here today to come take a look inside Lerner Olivia’s nursery! This room was truly a labor of love for me. All I have to say is thank goodness for second trimester energy because I had a LOT of projects that had to get done in this room before any of the fun decorating could begin. The walls needed two coats of white paint and all the trim had to be touched up too. I also had to paint the ceilings and then install the wallpaper. SO thankful all that is done!

My inspiration for the room all started with wanting to have a wallpaper statement wall. I fell head over heels for this Caitlin Wilson removable wallpaper because of the beautiful mix of powdery pinks and french blue. I’ve done wallpaper installation before and this one was very easy to use.

I purchased all the other items in the nursery without even having the wallpaper in hand so to say I was nervous about how the colors would come together would be an understatement.

I did a little happy dance (or a big one!) when the wallpaper arrived and matched perfectly with what we already had in the nursery!

Next it was just pulling together all the other decorative pieces. Obviously this was my favorite part.

The gold deer head and print are both Hobby Lobby purchases!

I found these antique children’s books in a second hand store and they were $1 each. I grabbed them so fast it would have made your head spin. I like the mix of vintage and new on this shelf. I especially love that a few of the items were my grandmothers so now I can think of her whenever I see this pretty little part of the room. This Gold Shelf was a great find and is super affordable! The quality is great and it is super easy to assemble. Love the way these White Woven Baskets fit just right on the bottom shelf.

I loved getting to finally print and frame a few of our favorite shots from our baby announcement shoot! Better late than never, right? Megan Wallach, you really are my dream catcher!



Kind of can’t wait to get these sweeeeeet rose gold moccasins on my baby girl’s little feet!



This Set of Three Mirrors was a great Target find and finished up this wall perfectly.

This shelf was the perfect spot to hold a few of our very favorite books! Lola Dutch, I Had a Favorite Hat, All the Ways I Love You, and Sunshine and Snowballs.

I just added some faux lamb’s ear leaves and a pretty little flower to pull in some more texture and color to this otherwise one dimensional section of the room. Isn’t it amazing how small details can make such a big difference?

Gold Hooks

Changing Pad Cover

Throw Blanket

PomPom Basket

Changing Table

Side Table




Crib Sheet


Round Mirror

This Crib was a wayfair find and is so affordable! I like how it has the look of a Jenny Lind with it’s own classic flare. It was very easy to assemble, too.

This Rocker was a floor sample at our local Pottery Barn Kids store and OH my goodness I’m so glad I found it when I did. It was majorly discounted, which was the only reason we could realistically make it work. One thing I am very excited about is that the rocker legs can be removed and we can add regular legs whenever we want to use it in a different way. You guessed it, even more Target finds in this velvet Round Pillow and these Gold Frames.

Blackout Curtain Panels were a MUST because of how much light comes into this room. The faux silk feel of these from Pottery Barn Kids just have such an elegant feel to them. I love how they vibe with this pretty crystal Chandelier.






Pacifier Clip

This White Shag Rug was a last minute find when the one I originally planned to use was too dark in the room. This one is the MOST cozy. It feels like walking on a cloud and the color is the perfect white without being too ivory or too icy. Love it SO much!



Floor Lamp

We had planned the girl’s birthday party for the same night as the nursery photo shoot (oopsies!) so I had been running around like a crazy all afternoon trying to get everything ready. I was a sweaty mess but still decided to freshen up FAST and throw on this Pink Lace Dress so I could jump in a few nursery pictures. I’m so glad I did! Now all I need in this space is a sweet baby to make it just perfect.

Thank y’all so much for all your sweet encouraging words throughout this whole pregnancy. From the bottom of our hearts we appreciate you getting so excited with us for our new addition and for taking the time to come see this little space today!

Thank you to our sweet friend Megan for taking these pictures. You truly are the best in the industry!

Scroll for links to any of the items used in the nursery and please let me know if I can answer any questions about any of the products that were used in the space.

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