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I finally finished our little play house today! This project has been hanging over my head for almost an entire year now so to say I’m glad to get it done would be the understatement of the century.

I thought while it was all fresh on my mind, I’d go ahead and share a few tips for you if you’re planning a play house makeover as well.

How long does it take? If you are working with a house that’s coming straight out of the box, it’ll take you a lot less time than it took me! I would say total time for me was three afternoons from about 2-5. So 9 hours total? This is NOT including assembly though. Assembly took us an entire evening working together.

How much did it cost? In addition to the cost of the house, we only bought paint (one gallon) and two cans of spray paint ($8) so it really wasn’t bad!

What All Do You Need?

Play House: Our exact one was from Toys R Us, but I’m linking a bunch of similar options here:

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Paint for House: We recently had our house painted so we used left over exterior paint.

Paint for trim and accents: I used gold spray paint for a few things and black spray paint for all the trim. The spray paint saved a ton of time and only took one coat. I used matte finish.

Paint brushes and a small roller.

How’d You Do it?

We assembled the entire house before giving it to our girls on Christmas morning last year, but if I could do it again, I’d assemble the MAIN part of the house (minus any trim or accents) and paint that first. Then paint all the other pieces separately before adding them to the house. One of the most time consuming parts of the whole process was just taking all the pieces off that I had to paint.

Keep all the screws together with the directions so when it’s time to add them, it won’t be confusing.

I would not recommend using a primer because regardless, you’ll still end up doing two coats of your chosen color. We used Benjamin Moore Windsbreath and it’s the perfect creamy white.

I got small paint brushes for the girls and let them paint with me. It ended up being so much fun! Just be sure everyone is in clothes that can get messy.

I used a mini roller to paint any large surface areas of the house and then cut in with a paint brush. The roller saved me a lot of time so I definitely think it’s worth it to use one!

Once I put the first coat on the house, I took a huge sheet and laid out all the trim and sprayed them. Then the next day, I did a second coat on the house and while it dried, I sprayed the other side of the trim.

Attaching all the trim once it was dry was a breeze. Then since it’s Christmas time, we added a few wreaths I found in the Target dollar section and some lights, and she was done!

I’m happy to answer any questions you may have about this. We LOVE how it turned out and the girls have been having a blast playing in it now that it’s so pretty!

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