Our Morning Routine

If there’s one thing I’ve learned since adding a third little babe to our family, it’s that in order to get anything done EVER, you have to plan ahead.

So even though today’s blog post is about our morning routine, what I’ve come to realize is that a great morning begins the night before.

So what does that mean? For us it means that in order to be able to enjoy our morning, there’s a lot of pre-planning that has to take place.

On a typical school night, I pack the girls lunches, fill up their water bottles, and put their school bags by the door. Before we tuck the girls into bed, we pick out their clothes for the next morning so we are all on the same page about outfit choices. I make sure to go ahead and include their shoes and bows so we aren’t hunting missing items. Always a huge time waster!

This has been a game changer since the majority of our morning drama came from a few certain family members (looking at you Reese and Rowen) deciding that they only wanted to wear things that were dirty or too small. This took us all to stress level ten and it always put a damper on our morning.

Talking through this ahead of time removed all the stress and now the girls are getting themselves dressed before they even come down stairs. Watching your babies get big isn’t all bad.

I also figure out what I’m going to wear and if my hair needs washing, I’ll do that before I go to sleep as well.

So by the time morning comes, I wake up and nurse Lerner and then she chills in the bathroom with me while I get ready. If Matt’s home when the girls get up around 7, he makes their breakfast and some mornings we even have time to all eat together. Once they’re done eating, they get to play until 8 when we have to head out the door. We try to be pulling out of the driveway by 8:05.

Because of everything we did the night before, the only thing we do in the morning is get dressed, brush hair and teeth, eat breakfast, and GO.

I can’t even tell you how much planning ahead the night before has changed our morning routine. It sounds so simple that I almost didn’t even share it here. But it took me such a long time to actually do it that I thought maybe I’m not the only one that needed a little switch up.

I hope this was helpful! Thanks for hanging with me today for a few minutes!

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