Mom Life Monday

Hey, hey!

Happy Monday to you! So excited to have another Mom Life Monday post to share with you.

First of all, I’m pumped to share this cute little tee shirt dress with y’all. I loved this stone washed grey color but it also comes in a pretty blush pink. The ruffle on the sleeve and around the hem gives it a bit of a feminine edge, which I love.

I’m not sure how much I’ve shared about how much I adore a converse sneaker, but I just DO. Right before I went off to college, my mom told me that she wore a pair of white converse almost every day of her freshmen year. She bought me my own pair and I thought of her every day when I wore them.

My mom had a really tough first year of college. Half way thru her freshmen year, her dad committed suicide. She grew up in an abusive home and my brave grandmother took my mom and her siblings and decided to escape all of it for their protection. My Mimi had no college degree and very little work experience and still ended up being a super successful realtor in the Atlanta area.

I imagine my sweet mom walking around her college campus in those white converse trying to hold herself together when so many things were falling apart and it just makes my admiration grow even more for her.

She went thru some really hard times during that year but she also met a cute boy who was so well respected on campus and he taught her what it meant to walk with God and helped her learn to love God’s word. That cute boy is my dad!

My mom is one of my best friends in all the world and I respect her so much. She makes me want to be brave and she teaches me every day what it means to be a mom and a wife.

I still think of her whenever I put my converse on. Maybe that’s part of the reason I love them so much. I also feel like they add some youth and whimsy to any outfit. So that helps too!

I may go thru a lot of clothes every month as a part of my job but there are a few pieces in my closet that I know I will keep forever and ever. These converse hold the number one spot.

I have my momma to thank for that!

Happy Monday, sweet friends!


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