Falling for Stripes

I blame it on my mom. I can remember as a little girl looking up into her closets and seeing so many stripes I thought I might go cross eyed. There’s something so classic and sophisticated about stripes and when I’m wearing them, I feel put together.

Momma obviously felt the same way.

I’ve already found myself with approximately half of my closet selection being of the stripe variety and I’m not even mad about it. I love to mix pattern and a good stripe is the perfect foundation.

When I found this bell sleeved baby blue sweater last week, I immediately swooned! My general rule before purchasing something is that I need to be able to have at least three different ways I could wear it in order for it to make sense. I love this sweater with white jeans or front tucked into a suede skirt. It’s also long enough to wear over leggings for a relaxed feel. The price also needs to be right. This one is under $38. Check the boxes and welcome to my closet, my friend.







I love that the color of the sweater is slightly lighter on the bottom and gets a little deeper at the top. I also love the cutout detail by the hem.

Sweater linked here

Blush loafers linked here


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