Girl’s Trip – NYC 2016

I’ve been to NYC once before but it was actually when Matt’s flare up was beginning so it was really a hard trip for him and in turn for me too. We still had a great time — he’s such a trooper– but I’m just excited to go back now that we’ve got a better lay of the land and Matt’s health is heading in the right direction.

I’m going the first week in December with two other lifestyle bloggers so naturally we are already planning our outfits for each day, trying to decide how many coats we can each bring, and trying to uncover every quintessential “Christmas in New York” activity we can take part in.

There will be lots of brunching, lots of shopping, and lots of exploring the city. Last time we went, my sister and I didn’t really take into consideration how painful it would be to try to walk all over a massive city in booties. Even our flats left us with blisters. This year I’m packing these shoes and plan to wear them every day! I’ll change into heels for dinner. But when it comes to sightseeing, I’m going comfortable.

One of the dream come true moments from our last trip was having tea at The Plaza.

We went on my birthday and my sister, Anna, arranged a black SUV to pick us up from our hotel to take us to tea. It was the sweetest! We rolled up feeling like celebrities. Well, she looked like a celebrity. I felt like her assistant. It’s fine. Anyway, it was absolutely everything I dreamed it would be.

When Pink Blush reached out to me about doing a collaboration with them, as soon as I saw this gorgeous black tulle skirt, I immediately thought about wearing it to The Plaza. The skirt has an elastic waste band but it’s so soft and forgiving. You could even wear it over a baby bump if you’re expecting. It was hard to narrow it down to this skirt when I saw all the cuteness on their site, but this was just speaking to me. Ladies, when you’re in this season of baby carrying and having, you know an elastic waste band is your FRIEND!

This bow tie from ASOS is everything for me right now. I’m really trying to refrain from styling it 25 different ways. Don’t be too shocked when see it reoccurring over the next few months!

We would love to hear from you about any tips on seeing NYC. Favorite spots to eat (especially dessert!), what to see aside from the big stuff, and any secrets you wanna share for how to make the most of our time there.

Hope you have a great day! As always, thank you so much for reading!



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